Down the River ~ 2

 . . . And here’s the birds! that great you from the street. People do stop to look at them and read their sad story.


As I made alot of these little guys – and big ones too, Mick and I started to call our house, the “bird factory.” It really was set up like a factory with buckets of feathers and birds laid out in certain order.



You can just begin to see the text, trapped in a liquid-appearing epoxy, that people would stop and read from the street outside the gallery.



“Down the River . . .” started in Pittsburgh at the head of the Ohio and took us down the Mississippi to New Orleans. Two narratives ran along these rivers. The one you see here is the reports people called into the U.S. Coast Guard in 2013 -14 of toxic dumping and spills along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.



Navigating Water Run-off in Pittsburgh

Navigating Water Run-off in Pittsburgh

An eye opening meeting last night at the Jewish Community Center. Facilitated by our Councilman, Doug Shields, Squirrel Hill area residents aired their grievances to Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, Nine Mile Run Association, ALCOSAN, and City of Pittsburgh Public Works. The big picture is: due to the consistent rise in temperature, northeast cities have seen an upswing in dramatic rainwater events – for which our city’s infrastructure is ill-equipped. Residents testified to cleaning up human poop from combined sewage run-off in their yards and in their homes.

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