Urban Aquarium

Featuring over 600 square feet of video projection, a theremin soundscape, glow-in-the-dark jellyfish, and artistic collaboration with a chiropractor, composer and martial artist, Urban Aquarium delivers an eclectic and ambient experience. Urban Aquarium is composed of digital video and sound, providing a meditation on patterns found in nature and in currents of human energy. Located in a city traffic tunnel, this art installation is site specific and temporary.

Public Response to Urban Aquarium

Looks fascinating.  -James Schamus, Producer of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Some of the children were mimicking the martial arts moves and some of them were moving as if they were the underwater creatures. -Erin O’Neill

Standing there in the tunnel, you could almost slip into a meditative state and actually I saw a lot of people standing there watching the project, just staring and taking it in.  -Karen Heilman

Just wondering how does a person know how to do this next and this next and this next and then thinking about Nature; Nature doesn’t have to know, it just does it.  -Tracy Drach

Ocean Form with Bioluminescent Jelly Fish
Defense Movements with Sparking Tesla Coil

Flower Form with Sea Anemone



Conceived and Produced by Carolyn Speranza
Dr. Cary Simons, Chiropractor
Ben Opie, Composer
Pittsburgh Centers for Martial Arts and Wellness, teaching Oom Yung Doe™, the Grandmaster “Iron” Kim Style, represented by Head Instructor Karen Heilman, 3rd Degree Black Belt.

Bob Baumbach, Elmer’s Aquarium, Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, Olivia Speranza Shin, Buzz Miller and the Works Theater at the Carnegie Science Center.

Video: Michael Ketter, Director of Photography for Pittsburgh Centers for Martial Arts and Wellness, Nick Fox-Gieg, consulting on video projection, ITA Presentation Services, Theatrical: J. E. Scenic Technologies, Inc.

Sound: Northern Light and Sound

Originally commissioned by First Night Pittsburgh, Inc. with funding provided by the Heinz Endowments and with the generous support of Kaufmann’s Department Store.

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