Neon Art & Sculpture

The Critical Path

Named after a book by Buckminster Fuller, this neon wall sculpture was made with neon, astroturf, wall paper, enlarged xerox graphics and handmade, wooden, dymaxion globes – illuminated from within by blue neon and wrapped by orange neon. The bright orange neon tubes creating a visual path around the wall-sized image were softened by silicone sealant painted on in a gluey gel.

The Critical Path by Carolyn Speranza
Neon Painting by Carolyn Speranza

Neon Painting

These pieces, installed in a hallway glass cabinet in a public building were made with neon, frosted mylar and black ink. The graphics were originally made by collage using photocopies that were enlarged and transferred in ink to frosted mylar. The color you see is from neon tubing.

Neon Sculpture

Neon used with wooden construction in 3D; as wall sculpture with paint, ink and with frosted plexi glass.  In this series of work, you can see Leonardo’s Flying Machine, Two Headed Snake and Floating Body.

Neon Wings by Carolyn Speranza
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