It Makes My Bread Taste Sweeter

My Bread Tastes Sweeter by Carolyn Speranza and Lisa LinkMy bread tastes sweeter when the street is clean like a table were the words of immigrant Mario Ezzo who lived in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania during the Great Depression. Like many, Mario was living on public assistance. He became a folk hero by sweeping the main street of Aliquippa everyday, saying it was the least he could do in return for the government check he was receiving. Co-authored with Lisa Link, this billboard was installed for a community arts festival in Aliquippa, and subsequently published in Lucy Lippard‘s book, Lure of the Local- senses of place in a multicentered society.  The local Beaver newspaper covered the project as well.

One Response to “It Makes My Bread Taste Sweeter”

  1. Lynette Sibalen BABAH Says:

    is indeed more blessed to earned it… real life.


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