Sight of Stillness: What do you see when you meditate?

A film sharing the experience of meditation

What do you see when you meditate?
With this question, Sight of Stillness gets inside the meditative experiences of everyday people.  The answers range from seeing a glowing blue orb to feeling the love of God to repeating the gnawing question, “What is my purpose?”  The film provides viewers, novices and experts alike, with a sampler of meditative experiences from a rich variety of practices.

Sight of Stillness is experiential.  Distinct from most meditation and yoga tapes, the film doesn’t teach or explain what meditation is.  It puts you, the viewer, directly inside each of eight meditations, taking a visual journey through real life experiences.  Accompanied by acoustic cello, those interviewed are intimate and vulnerable in their communication, as they share transcendent meditative states.

Generously funded by the Heinz Endowments‘ Creative Heights Initiative, Sight of Stillness was created in partnership with Pittsburgh Filmmakers.  Conceived and directed by Carolyn Speranza, the film features an original soundtrack by composer Eric Moe and cinematography by Jeff Morelli. The Sight of Stillness project garnered attention from the press, including Christian Newspaper Denmark.

Broken into YouTube segments below, the film is available in its entirety on DVD.

Bank of Love

Hold the Moon

Saeeda’s Hum

My Purpose

Go Round

Third Eye


Big Being

Creating Stillness with the Heinz Endowments’ Creative Heights Initiative

The following six-minute video documents the Creative Heights Residency at Pittsburgh Filmmakers: the film making process, meditation workshops and the Science, Health and Meditation symposium at the Carnegie Science Center.

Creating Stillness was coproduced with Pittsburgh Filmmakers Outreach: Jeff Garton and Claude Lavellée.

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