Art in Residency

Sculpture Space

The Hole Poem series was started while in residency at Sculpture Space. That summer I suffered from Alopecia Areata, a kind of illogical hair loss due to stress which left me with a bare patch, or “hole” in my head.  The resulting installation was comprised of a black and white sand drawing of a heart with a neon hole made from jello and neon; a steel framed, hanging, plastic hole with a photographic projection; the small, illuminated sphere on the side of the wall with an audio soundtrack of “hole poem.”

Carolyn Speranza at Sculpture Space
Gender Balance at New Orleans Glassworks by Carolyn Speranza

New Orleans Glassworks

Gender Balance is a fifty foot long installation created while in residence at the New Orleans Glassworks. Using plate glass for each segment of the railing, graphic, collaged imagery is illuminated by neon tubing – and painted. The walls and posts in the Glassworks were painted as part of the installation.

One picture in the slideshow from the inside of St. Jude’s chapel at a local New Orleans cemetery. The collection of objects hanging on the walls of the chapel influenced the imagery of the artwork itself.

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