Water in USW Updates on Pittsburgh events

Clean Water Action is having a press conference at Noon on Wednesday, November 2nd to push the Board of Health to take action on a strengthening and updating of the rules they use to permit toxic emissions.  The current rules were written when Reagan was still in the White House and the space shuttle program was brand new.  Both of those are gone now but we still use the same rules.  We now know much more about the bad effects of toxic emissions and our rules need to reflect that.  Many jobs in the “new economy” won’t move here because our air is so bad.  We need clean air for the economy that we want. (bump)

More information: Regional Focus: Pittsburgh | Clean Water Action and (412) 765-3053 for Clean Water Action Pittsburgh Office.

(Already) Water has become a political issue in Pennsylvania!

Hard to imagine that in this off-year, your vote could count for something really important. Besides the library initiative getting you to the polls, consider that legislature governing Marcellus shale drilling and our DRINKING WATER will wind up in Pennsylvania’s Courts. That’s why you should vote for Wecht and give his campaign a few bucks as well. In local elections ever dollar counts!



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